Be The Spark That Lights The Fire!!!

You can become the catalyst for growing a vibrant community of thinkers, makers, and innovators. Meaningful learning opportunities for all students can positively influence an entire community for years to come.  With your help, we can inspire and encourage generations of Mississippians to reach their full potentials. In doing so, we are building a more thriving community for everyone.  

To achieve this worthwhile mission, we rely on funding from individuals, local, regional, and national corporations, foundations, and organizations to help support our unique instructional experiences. Investing in the bright educational future of our children is the greatest of returns.   

Your support changes everything.

Through generous and thoughtful donations, we are able to:

  • Keep class pricing affordable for all students
  • Provide scholarships to students who would not otherwise have access to our unique learning opportunities
  • Provide professional development opportunities for local educators
  • Integrate with local and regional corporations and employers to help promote meaningful workforce development opportunities

In order to keep our class and program pricing affordable, we depend on generous and thoughtful donations of time, resources and money.  Donations of any amount and kind are greatly appreciated.


You are the Game Changer.

The generosity of parents, grandparents, friends, and other individuals directly support our mission.  Donations to Central Creativity significantly impact our daily operations, helping us to ensure that each and every student has an outstanding learning experience.  Supporting us helps us remain a vibrant and critical resource for the entire community. 

No donation is too small.  You may think it is just a “drop in the bucket”, but enough drops will fill the bucket.

Please consider making a donation to Central Creativity today. Your gift will be appreciated by a generation of learners.

"Style Your Tile" Fundraiser

The reception wall in our signature front lobby is just begging to be decorated. Who better to do this than the creative and inspiring children that we all support? Purchasing one (or several) of our decorative tiles are a wonderful way to support our mission and celebrate the special people and events in your life! 


Each 6" x 6" tile starts as a blank canvas that we encourage you to decorate with your special ones. We will supply all the materials needed to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Don't want to paint your own tile? No problem. We can pass along your tile to our budding artists and have them create a unique tile just for you, to include any name or special request that you would like. All you do is come by and we'll get you started.

These decoratative tiles are a wonderful way to support our mission while celebrating the special people and events in your life!