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Grades K - 1

Little hands and big minds equal serious fun!

Students will be exposed to a laboratory environment like no other! Whether they are making edible experiments, playing with explosives (yay!), programming robots, building engineered structures, or assembling electrical circuits, our students will never be bored. This safe, non-toxic, highly creative workspace is geared to kickstart your early thinker's curiosity and love of learning.

Does your son like to take things apart just to see how they work? Is your daughter constantly trying to build the perfect skyscraper shopping mall?  This engaging hands-on, minds-on class provides learning experiences for our budding inventors and engineers.  Cross-curricular connections will be strengthened in this class that celebrates collaborative learning and the natural curiosity of children. By giving young elementary students a strong math and science foundation, they will be better able to handle the demands of more challenging content.  Students will discover how important the varied STEAM disciplines are by connecting these subjects to real-world situations in a way that is engaging and entertaining.

Class Highlights Include:

How Things Work

If You Build It

Sugary Science

Discovery is Sweet

Move It, Bub!

The Art of Movement

Part-whole Relationships


Soft Circuits

Magnet Madness

Technology Discovery

Materials Study

Wearable Electronics

Positively Awesome

Coding Is Cool

Little Pig, Little Pig

And That Is Just The Start!!!

Every week is a new adventure, where we will cover a wide range of age-appropriate topics such as computer coding for young people, junior bridge design, magic crystal farming, exploding volcanoes, rocket races, and so much more. The best way to stay informed is to stay in class! Early enrollees are encouraged.

Remember. All classes are first come, first served. Space is limited and excitement is guaranteed!