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Students of all ability levels will benefit from the services we offer.


Gifted Students

Adding academic rigor and depth to curriculum is paramount for students who are working above grade-level.  By implementing innovative instructional methods and options, we are able to meet the needs of students who require a challenge worthy of their abilities. We serve students who are currently enrolled in a gifted program, as well as those homeschool or private school students who do not have access to a gifted program.


Struggling Learners

Students who struggle may need differentiated strategies to master material.  Therefore, they may benefit greatly from our hands-on, inquiry-based practices and individualized teaching techniques.  This supplemental instruction and reinforcement may help build comprehension and knowledge for students. 


Every Student In Between

Learning to think is a skill that all students need in order to compete and be successful in a growing global world.  Thinking critically and creatively is the cornerstone of understanding and making meaningful connections for lifelong learning.