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You've Got Us...

Whether you are a homeschool educator or a concerned parent, our workshops offer specific training in how to expand your teaching skills and effectiveness in using Thinking Maps® with your children.  We have developed custom trainings that are specifically designed to meet the needs of parents who want to become Thinking Maps® experts. 

Interested in attending one of our Parent Trainings? Great!! There are just a few things we need to clarify…

Parents must attend a Thinking Maps® Introductory Training Day before attending ANY other training.  All of our trainings utilize Maps, so it is not possible to learn advanced teaching techniques without first understanding the basics.  Got another question? See FAQ’s below.  

Thinking Maps® Parent Training FAQ's

Q:        Why do I have to have a Language for Learning Manual to use Thinking Maps®?

A:         The Language for Learning Manual is a valuable resource for effectively utilizing Thinking Maps.  Without it, you will not have access to brain research connections, content area applications, and student examples that are critically important when beginning your journey with Thinking Maps®.

Q:        What is Write From the Beginning?

A:         Write From the Beginning is the writing sequel to Thinking Maps.  It covers Narrative, Expository, Argumentative, and Response to Text domains of writing.

Q:        After I attend an Introductory Training, can I use Thinking Maps® with my child?               

A:         Absolutely! We hope you use them as often as possible.

Q:        I have attended an Introductory Training and received my Language for Learning Manual.  After seeing me use Maps with my child, a friend wants to use them with her kids too. Can I let her borrow my manual?

A:         No.  Thinking Maps® are registered trademarks of Thinking Maps, Inc.  The only way an educator may use them is to attend an Introductory Training and purchase a Language for Learning Manual.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS!  


Q:        I run a homeschool group and I would like to implement Thinking Maps® with all my families.  Could you train all of us at the same time?

A:         We certainly can!  If you would like us to conduct the training in our state-of-the-art learning classroom, we could reserve a private training day for your group at Central Creativity.  If you would like the training to take place at your location, we will travel to conduct the training at your site.  

For more information about implementation for homeschool groups, please contact:

Dr. Marjann Ball 601.577.7059 or

Offerings For Homeschool Educators and Parents

  • Thinking Maps® Introductory Training Day
  • Thinking Maps® Make and Take Training Day (Grade-Level Specific)
  • Thinking Maps® Content Area Training Day (Content-Area Specific)
  • Write From the Beginning® Training* (writing sequel to Thinking Maps®)