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Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Clothes...

When you can’t find your copy of Vogue, do you always look in your child’s room?  Is your DVD completely filled with entire seasons of Project Runway? Do you find yourself asking your child for fashion advice?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, chances are you have a fashionista on your hands.  Don’t worry.  We are here to inspire and groom the next Coco Chanel or Ralph Lauren.  From the total beginner to those with advanced experience, we will focus on manual and machine sewing techniques.  We will enhance their knowledge of fabrics and material, colors, and patterns.  Whether their style is avant-garde or trendy, they are sure to love our divine design challenges, fabulous photo shoots, and glamourous runway fashion shows.      

- In all our Fashion Design classes, instruction and supervision will be tailored (pun intended) to meet the needs of each student.

- We finish each class with an exciting Fashion Expo for students to showcase their designs on the Central Creativity Runway.

Our Students Will...

  • Create art boards that showcase such ideas as mood and theme.
  • Explore fashion history and its relationship to culture.
  • Examine famous designers and examine their logos and brands.
  • Learn fundamental hand and machine sewing techniques.
  • Become familiar with fashion terminology.
  • Work with various design mediums such as paper, cloth, and plastics to create unique and original works.
  • Create and embellish trendy and chic accessories, including such items as jewelry, handbags, and shoes.
  • Participate in fun fashion photo shoots where we photograph student creations.
  • Compete in group and individual design challenges.
  • Sketch fashions and accessories.

“Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.” – Donatella Versace

Reasons to Sew

  • Remember when Julie Andrews made clothes for the kids out of curtains in the Sound of Music? Did you realize that she was being green? When that movie was made, she probably didn’t either. But, sewing IS good for the environment.  Kids who can upcycle a old dress into a pillowcase will be doing their part to make sure that less unwanted clothes end up in a landfill.  Our students will learn to breathe new life into outgrown or outdated clothes. 

  • Simply put, learning to sew saves money.  Students will be able to do alterations and repairs on clothes themselves. Furthermore, when students are exposed to the ins and outs of garment construction, they are able to clearly see the quality and value of a well-made item.  This makes them aware of how important it is to not waste money on a shirt that will unravel or fade after one wash. 

  • Sewing encourages problem-solving, logical reasoning, and creativity. Designing and developing a one-of-a-kind original garment gives students a unique way to express themselves. From fabric selection to accessories, they are in control of the final product. This level of involvement in the learning process strengthens students’ ability to think  critically and allows them to let their unique personality shine through.