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Shakespeare Was Right. All The World Is a Stage...

Ok. We admit it.  Our Drama Classes are incredibly entertaining.  In fact, they are so much fun that your kids may even ask if they can come back to class again this week! You may begin to wonder how your children can have such an amazing time and still be learning.  The answer is simple.  We infuse our drama curriculum with high-energy, interactive activities and methods designed to be as entertaining as they are educational. 

In the real world, we don’t get a dress rehearsal.  We are all performing in a live, unscripted, unrehearsed show every minute of every day.  By allowing students to participate in the dramatic arts, they gain valuable knowledge and skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.  For example, when someone is an effective communicator, they are often comfortable and confident in social situations.  This in turn leads to stronger skills in conveying information at a professional level.  The knowledge learned in a drama class can also translate into academic and workplace successes(8).

Why Dramatic Arts?

Students In The Dramatic Arts...

  • Learn creativity, problem-solving, persistence, focused attention, and intellectual risk-taking. (1)
  • Are more likely to have improved attendance. (2)
  • Have increased self-confidence. (1)
  • Have an increased ability to work with a group, as well as alone. (1)
  • Have the highest High School graduation rate. (2)
  • Improve motivation, confidence, concentration, and teamwork. (3)
  • Are better able to work together, listen to the opinions of others, and collaborate. (4)
  • Learn to appreciate the strengths and talents that others bring to the table. (1)
  • Show marked increases in reading readiness and word fluency in early grades. (5)
  • Are more deeply connected to the world around them. (6)

Speech is a very important aspect of being human.  A whisper doesn’t cut it.  – James Earl Jones

More than 65 distinct relationships between the arts and academic and social outcomes have been documented! (7)

- National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement, 2006