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Grades 7 - 12

Power To The Pixel!

What’s better than playing video games? Learning to design and build your own, of course!  Students will become immersed in skills necessary for programming and coding in a secondary school environment.  Students will master the skills of the film studio and conquer the nuances of the sound booth.  Video editing, scene compositing, and script writing will become their playthings. For those interested in the ones and zeroes that make things work, there is a full complement of coding classes that focus on building digital games, mobile apps, and the various root and wrapper languages that allow all of the coolest technologies to communicate.

Class Highlights Include:

LiveStreams and Podcasting

Corporate Identity

VR App Design

VFX and Special Effects

Mixing and Mastering

CAD/CAM Visualization

Packaging 101

Product Hacking

And That Is Just The Start...

Every week is a new adventure, where we will cover a wide range of age-appropriate activities such as gamification theory, team creation exercises, industrial design concepts, architectural rendering, electronic music performances, social media awareness, building the Brand, mastering multimedia, designing for print, Arduino challenges, and so much more. The best way to stay informed is to stay in class! Early enrollees are encouraged.

Remember. All classes are first come, first served. Space is limited and excitement is guaranteed!