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Location, Location, Location!

Central Creativity is located in the heart of historic and picturesque Downtown Laurel, otherwise known as "The City Beautiful." We are situated at the intersection of North 6th Avenue, Central Avenue and Leontyne Price Boulevard, where we anchor the northwestern corner of the downtown commercial district. This intersection is the main East-West thoroughfare for people driving thru our fair city.

 We are so excited to announce that our corner is slated to receive one of only two roundabouts located in the city of Laurel. Our corner will anchor the northernmost end of the Leontyne Price beautification project. The project will include burying all overhead lines, the installation of period lighting, the creation of a greenspace, and landscaping. This project has already been approved and funding has been secured. This will turn what is already an important intersection into a beautiful one. For more information concerning the project in general, please contact the Engineering firm, Neel-Schaffer

We are proud to be a part of the Laurel Main Street Association, an award-winning organization that focuses on community development and economic growth in the Downtown area. Please visit their wonderful webpage to learn more about all of the exciting things that are happening in Downtown Laurel.

Central Creativity was created to be an educational resource for all of the students of Laurel and the surrounding areas. Therefore, it was important to us that it be centrally located and easily accessible. We are within walking distance to one of Laurel's treasured elementary schools, four of our most historic churches, the world-renowned Lauren-Rogers Museum of Art, and all the various wonders that can be found throughout Laurel's downtown shopping and dining area.

Our Building

This building was originally constructed in the 1950s and is a brick, block and steel design that was typical of mid-century commercial construction in the South. The exterior walls are almost a foot thick. Rather than the typical wooden floor joist system, the second floor in this stalwart lady is comprised of a concrete and metal truss monolithic design known for its inherent strength and stability. Simply put, this place was built to last!

The first floor of the building was renovated in the late 1980s when it was repurposed as a law firm. During the renovation, the 14 foot smooth concrete ceilings were hidden behind a drop-down suspension system. As can be seen, the original 60 year old concrete ceiling is still in pristine condition. We aim to take the building back to its original construction aesthetic, marrying the craftsmanship of yesterday with the latest technologies of today.

Because the second story is currently unoccupied and unfinished, the original architectural cues can still be seen. Warm clay block walls covered in wire and plaster transition into exposed ten inch steel beams that criss-cross this dramatic space, providing both strength and beauty. The walls are adorned from end to end with large windows that let in an amazing amount of natural light, providing the space with a light and airy feel. This rich combination of form, texture and material makes it perfect for its intended uses as a Makerspace/S.T.E.A.M. lab, as well as a performing arts space and classroom.