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We don’t cry over spilled milk. We measure it.

Central Creativity is proud to serve edible education at its finest!

Aside from simply learning about food, we bring classroom learning into the kitchen by integrating different academic areas.  For example, in reading, recipes must be read and labels understood before cooking may begin.  Many students will gain a better understanding of math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry and more while whipping up mouth-watering dishes.  Science may be incorporated when students create chemical reactions such as freezing, melting, dissolving, and crystalizing that naturally occur in the cooking process. 

The art of food preparation involves the use of fine motor skills, which are controlled by both sides of the brain. Why does this matter? Well, research has shown that fine motor skills predict future academic success(1).

What are fine motor skills? Unlike gross motor skills which use the large muscle groups for walking, running, sitting and jumping, fine motor skills (small muscle groups) are used for more intricate body mechanics such as writing, drawing, feeding and dressing oneself. Many do not understand how important it is to actively develop fine motor skills in young learners. While gross motor skills are important, it is the fine motor skills that foster independence and confidence in children.

Food For Thought...

Cooking teaches children about eating well. (2)

>  Cooking fosters responsibility. (2)

>  The kitchen is a learning laboratory! (2)

Children exposed to nutritional training are 60% more likely to make healthier food choices. (2)

Cooking allows kids to immerse all five senses in the learning process.

Cooking allows kids to see scientific processes in action when foods change form.

>  Cooking boosts self-esteem when kids prepare meals for their families.

>  Cooking builds life skills as kids learn how to be independent in the kitchen.

>  Cooking improves math skills.

>  Cooking teaches about food safety and making healthy food choices.  

Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking.  It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity.    – Guy Fieri

Our Recipe for Successful Culinary Arts Classes:

-  2 cups of learning

-  1 cup of curiosity

½ cup of messiness

-  2 heaping teaspoons of fun

-  a dash of creativity

-  a pinch of adventure

Blend all the ingredients well during a weekly class and have a tasty time!