Our Seasonal Camps and Walk-In Workshops are terrific opportunities to roll up your sleeves and get up to your elbows in fun (and learning!)  We have exciting events scheduled throughout the entire year. From our spectacular Summer Camps to the beloved Christmas Makers Toyshop, we have a seasonal event that is sure to inspire and energize students of all ages. Some of our Walk-In Workshops even provide a chance for parents to dig in and experience the wonder of learning right beside their kids.

So, what are you going to do with your school year? Waste it, or paste it...and cook it...and build it...and paint it? Come make whirlymabobs and thingamadoos, edible art and henna tattoos.


Our “Walk-in Workshops” are a great way for students to see what we are all about without committing to a class.  We have several “walk-in workshops” scheduled throughout the year.  Just check-out our calendar of scheduled Walk-In Workshops, find one that sounds like fun, and show up at workshop time.  Two hours later, you will emerge from the workshop with armloads of handmade treasures, pockets of projects, and a head full of new ideas.   


Each workshop is a stand-alone event.  Some of our workshops are focused on Arts and Crafts, while others are more geared towards Making or Tinkering.  By having a variety of creative disciplines to choose from, there are plenty of options for all ages and interests. 


Creativity will flourish in our Arts and Crafts Walk-in Workshops that allow students to engage in multisensory, hands-on arts activities that are centered on a special holiday, season, or theme.  All participants will explore their creativity as they design unique crafts and one-of-a-kind handmade treasures. From Christmas to Mother’s Day, these workshops are sure to please the inner Picasso in artists of all skill levels.  Art projects will vary in difficulty based on age and ability.   


Energize students about enhancing their engineering, math, and science skills.  Unleash the inner geek in all students with amazingly entertaining hands-on projects.  Each workshop blends simple and complex tasks into a different area of science.  From robotics to bridge building, each participant will have at least one mind-blowing project to take home at the end of each workshop.        

Walk-in Workshop Guidelines

  • Workshops cost $35 per person, or $30 per person if registering two or more participants at the same time.
  • Participants do not have to pay a registration fee and may simply “walk-in” to attend. However, they may pre-pay for the workshop.  Seating is limited to the first 15-20 registrants, depending on the workshop. 
  • Attendees do not have to be enrolled in any Central Creativity classes to participate.
  • Parents may drop students off and do not have to stay while children attend Walk-in Workshops. 
  • Age requirements may vary based upon workshop topic.



Our summer camps challenge and inspire students while supporting a broad range of creative and artistic pursuits.  Each summer camp is one-week long will provide opportunities for students to invent, build, design, collaborate, and become excited about learning. Offerings for multiple age groups make our camps perfect for summer. 

Price includes all supplies, experiments, and snacks.

Thank you to all of our wonderful campers who made the 2017 Summer Camp season such a rousing success!!!


The Art Of Imagination

July 10th-14th

Extraordinary learning awaits when kids let their imaginations take control! Whether they are building working machines out of cardboard, making stained sugar glass in the lab, or inventing crazy contraptions and concoctions, kids are going to be charged up by designing and explaining the art and science behind their handmade crafts and creations.  The week will culminate in a grand camper-led Rube Goldberg experience.

Designing The Future

July 17th-21st

Experience the future, today! The sky’s the limit when kids tinker, design, and investigate to discover the amazing ways that science, technology, engineering, art, and math all work together to shape the world of tomorrow. Campers will build remarkable robots and rockets, explore virtual worlds, and unlock the mysteries of movie magic.  The learning will continue at the speed of light when we expose kids to LED circuits, have them 3D print their own fidget spinners, explore glow stick science, and more!   


July 24th-28th

Get ready for legendary learning and excitement as we bring the virtual adventure to life! Campers will put the CRAFT in Minecraft when making an edible Enderman, designing their own Pixel Plants, and making Minecraft torches that actually light up.  In addition to collaborating with other campers on special projects in the Digital Media lab, kids will also build and design real-life versions of their favorite Minecraft characters and game elements. From 3D worlds to 3D printing, this explosive camp is sure to please!

Questions? Email us at or call us at 601-580-8773 and we would be happy to help!