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It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it...

Pick up your paintbrushes and roll out your clay.  It’s time to get creative in our dynamic Art Classes.  Designed to inspire, our classes allow students to get up close and personal with a variety of mediums.  We encourage artistic exploration while challenging our students to push themselves to their full potential. 

Our multi-sensory curriculum focuses on developing independent thinkers who utilize unique approaches to the creative process that empower original thought and celebrate the joy of artistic expression. We reinforce the student's ability to make choices, collaborate effectively, discover solutions, and work to task, all while designing and creating some highly imaginative and FUN pieces of art!


Did You Know That...

>  Art students outperform their non-arts peers by 91 points on their SATs. (1)

>  Art students show marked gains in visual learning, language development, decision making, and motor skills. (2)

>  Sixty-one percent of schools do not have a full-time arts specialist. (3)

>  Student involvement in the arts is linked to higher academic performance, increased standardized test scores, greater involvement in community service and lower dropout rates! (4)

>  Students who attend schools where the arts are integrated into the classroom outperform their peers in math and reading. (5)

Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.  -Pablo Picasso

Never underestimate the importance of art in your child's education.

Regardless of their age or ability level, art is the medium that most encourages independent thought, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Through the pursuit of art one experiences the process of attaining a goal, coupled with the challenges that occur during the design process. Artists are unique thinkers. Their craft requires a deftness of mental reasoning that affects cortical agility and cognitive strength across all disciplines. Additionally, art requires the brain to provide coordination between the body's senses and fine motor skills in order to conduct highly detailed actions. The mastery of the mind-body connection is critical to all learners and provides far-reaching ramifications for both those that have this ability, and those that do not.